About Us


Hello there! We’re so happy you stumbled upon our blog!

You might had just stumbled or popped here suddenly like a mushroom or you’re look for creativity to feed your eyes. But anyways, thank you for checking our blog/online magazine.

The Artisitcs is an idea by Jerrod. I’ve wanted to do an online magazine and at the same time, a group blog where everyone can share their talents at something or share their creativity and inspire others. Thus, this was created!

We are a group of teenage blogger with different aesthetic and creativity and here we are, uniting to show people that it’s time to share what their capable at, that it’s time to unleash their inner artist inside them.

Have a great time,
The Artistics Team


CREDITS ON THE PHOTOS USED ON COLLAGE: golder than gold / pinterest / we heart it


16 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Love the fun yet professional feel to the magazines. This sounds like a wonderful idea and I will be a visitor often around here looking forward to new posts.
    I also know most of the staff and I will be supportive of this blog and also get to know the staff that I might know as well!

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