Stars And Smiles

I’ve been looking for you for so long, my love, and I’m sorry if I can’t see you even if 

you’re standing right in front of me 

because my eyes have been sewn shut so long ago 

I cannot remember how to open them, 

even when the wire that held them 

lid to lid 

shuttered close

has melted away-

I still only see the galaxies painted on the insides of my eyelids. 

somewhere between the stars, I once saw a comet tail of your smile 

and I’ve been looking for it again ever since;

I’m afraid if I open my eyes I might never get to see it again.

Hey, it’s me Ash!

Live life for the moment, because everything else is uncertain. ~ Louis Tomlinson


Hey everybody!! Welcome to *drum rolls* The Artistics!

I’m officially in the crew now!! (oh I forgot to introduce myself first)


I’m Ash and I blog over at Universe Of The Unspoken. 

If you do not know me don’t hesitate to come over to my corner to say a cheeky hello. I’d be glad to have you 🙂

Since this is an introductory post let me tell you about myself:

I am the type of person who gets in trouble for reading books or doodling or writing story ideas in class.

I am an ambivert. People never get bored with me. I’m just sooo fun, it could be my middle name (shameless brag)

I love adventures. I love going on treks, marathons or just exploring around. I don’t like listening to stories of far distant lands, I like to be the one who narrates those.

Pizza. Is. Everything. To. Me.

I am addicted to music. Literally. Not even ashamed.

I am a night person. I believe that it’s the best part of the day. I will never be a morning person for the moon and I are too much in love.



I’ve selected my niche as writing here on The Artistics. If you’d like to read what I’ve earlier written over on my blog you can click here  and have a read. Now I don’t know if I be the best, but what I can promise is that whatever is expected of me, I’ll give it my best.


So, this is me.


Mic drop




a wild haru appeared!

“be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about”

hello everyone!

i’m haru, one of the new bloggers here! you might know me already (starry night/ink) but if not, nice to meet you! my friends call me MJ 😉 haha, just kidding, nobody calls me that but if you want to, go for it!

here on The Artistics, i’ll be helping out with graphic design! I love to draw and I’ve been drawing for a really long time and i mainly do digital art and sometimes traditional. i’m not a professional artist in any way, i still have a lot to learn! i’m also working on a webcomic at the moment!

i’ve also been blogging on WordPress for almost four years! i don’t write a lot, but i just like the community and i like being able to talk about my life and other stuff.
if you want to learn a little more about me, here are some facts about me:

-i love love love musicals! i have way too many favorite musicals, and if i were to list them all this post would be a book series 😄 but some musicals that i love are hamilton, falsettos (andrew rannells deserved the tony to be honest), heathers, the book of mormon and dear evan hansen!

-i’m fourteen, but i’ll be turning fifteen in two months!

-i love starbucks! i probably sound like i’m trying to be trendy but i have a legit starbucks addiction. also, they make amazing green tea and the frappuccinos give me life.

-the best chris is definitely chris pine.

-also can we just talk about tom holland ??

-i really like to design outfits and i love clothes! i honestly have no idea why, i just do i guess

-i also love to read! my favorite book changes a lot, but at the moment, it’s the great gatsby! my favorite book series are the maze runner and michael vey!

-i love plants!! i love how there are so many different types of plants. it also seems like a really stress-free hobby to garden, and i love how you can add so many fun things to a garden!

-i love music! my music taste ranges  from alternative, to songs from musicals, to classic rock.

i think that’s all! i’m so happy i get to work on this blog and magazine and also draw stuff for you all! i hope you guys liked my intro and hope you have a nice rest of your day 🙂

-haru ❤️

(oh and here’s some art to end this post)



So I guess this is my intro post lol

My name’s Grace 😉 I bring good tidings and suchlike from my blog, My Inexplicibly Long Site Title. I totally spelled inexplicably wrong on purpose, yeh. 😀

I like cheese pizza and sour cream and onion potato chips

I love painting badly and drawing pictures whut nobody will ever see (unless you, lovely person, click on this special link which leads to the magical world of my Deviantart page ;0) huehuee, the free advertising is great here 😉

ANYWAYS, you can hit me up on my contact page over at my blog, and also on this one if Jordan has done me the huhumongous honor of giving me one (winkyface winkyface), or by sending me a note or commenting on my dA page ;D