Is Utopia Possible?

What is Utopia?

Apart from the image of endless meadows of colour and piercing warm sun beams on lush mountains, which for your information, are devils in disguises; they are not easy to climb up. James Franco made climbing and hiking look easy in 127 hours…apart from the part where, you know, he gets stuck and almost dies. Yeah, that didn’t look easy.


The actual definition for Utopia, according to the wise old Wikipedia “is an imagined community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its citizens.”

If you ask me, that seems pretty ambitious. As much as it may hurt to hear, I don’t think Utopia will ever exist, or if it is even possible. And I don’t think that’s such a bad thing.


Like most bookworm-y, couch confined, ‘in their feelings’, ‘I hate people my age’ teenagers, I went through a phase of avidly reading dystopian novels. The big YA dystopian novels! I’m talking The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner, Rainbow Magic, the Gone series, etc. And I loved it. I loved how it forced characters to come out of their shell and do things they would never want to do. I loved how the worlds the books were based in had gone to absolute shiitake mushrooms and how characters were segregated and divided, which is basically just a fictional, sexier, more adventurous version of the previous racist real life centuries. And that got me thinking.


If ‘Utopia’ is just a fancy word for a perfect world, then it isn’t a perfect world at all. Mindblown right? Or maybe just mind confuzzled?

For example, say you have a group of people, who are completely limited in their own world with only those people in the group. Let’s say they are constantly happy and constantly positive and fun. The words ‘happy’, ‘positive’ and ‘fun’ wouldn’t even be in their vocabulary because it’s just what they are. How could they tell what’s happy, positive and fun if sadness, negativity and misery doesn’t exist within the limits of their group in their small world. Them living their ‘happy’, ‘positive’ and ‘fun’ lives would become the norm and slowly become what we call average. And anything that strays below that level of average, even though to us is ‘happy’, would become negative and so, ‘sadness’, ‘negativity’ and ‘misery’ would arise in this small world, I used as an example. Long strong short, there can’t be happiness without sadness because it would be hard to distinguish and avoid. Back to the point about dystopian novels, these characters wouldn’t be able to come out of the shells and thrive if they weren’t faced with pain, struggling and challenges.


Humans and society can never be perfect.


Perfection is subjective. I think ‘Utopia’ is just an umbrella term because it isn’t the same for everyone since fortunately and unfortunately, we all think differently. Someone’s Utopia could be eradicating pollution and poverty and some else’s could be eradicating homosexuality and other cultures.

We can change and develop to minimise conflict, discrimination and negativity, but some small things are hard to get rid of entirely. It’s a matter of growing stronger and learning to deal and manage whatever happens to our world. We need to make like a weighing scale and balance!

Work together, cooperatively, help each other out through thick and thin, contribute, learn, teach, stand up for what you believe is morally right and follow that goddamn yellow brick road to the succession of the goals we all need to reach as a society and individuals!

As pessimistic as it may sound, we do need a little negativity to push us through and motivate us to get stuff done and change and open up to new things. That couldn’t happen in a ‘perfect’ world – Utopia.


I hope my ramblings made sense. I’m happy to hear your own opinions and answer questions!

Do you think we can achieve Utopia?




We Want You! (Member Search) [EDITED]

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June // I Wish for A Utopia


0037-005_the_prologue_and_the_promiseRobert McCall, The Prologue and The Promise

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This month’s theme is Utopia: a dream of a perfect community, of perfect conditions. A wish of a better society in which we, humans, coexist peacefully without the need of opressing and terrorizing each other.

The word utopia was coined by Sir Thomas More, an English lawyer, philosopher, and author. He coined this term for his book titled Utopia, describing a fictional island society in the south Atlantic Ocean off the coast of South America. Utopia is an imagined community that has nearly perfect qualities for the citizens.

Progress is one sign that we’re achieving “utopia” but with every progress, there’s a bump in the way.

This can be seen in everything: racism, sexism, hate on other religions. Even in politics and government.

I live in the Philippines and my country is notoriously know for its problem in the government, especially corruption and the extra-judicial killing. I’m not proud of any of these.

Our president promised us that “change is coming”. What we didn’t know that this change was bad.

As a Filipino, I wish for a utopia, a country of peace, progress, and innovation. I want to see my country not filled with misogynists and corrupt politicians. I want to see everyone respecting each other.

I wish for every family in our country  to live a prosperous life. I want every child to have access to a quality education. I want everyone to not worry about their bills or their food just because they don’t have any money to pay all of these.

I cry that in every street of this country, there’s no single crime happening. Just peace.

I’m not proud of what’s happening to my country but still, there are good things in my country.These flaws challenge my faith in my country but I still believe that there will come a time that Filipinos will experience a better Philippines.

A time where we live in a utopia.

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Stay tune everyone! Bye!

A Blessing In Disguise: A Letter to My Grade School Me

Dear Grade-School Me,

I bet you’re crying again.

People always thought you were a crybaby. They thought you were fragile like a feather. Let me tell you that it’s okay to cry.

I bet you’re mad again.

That’s one of your character flaws, a nasty temper. You’re quick to anger and that’s why some people hate you. I remember that you threw your stuff at the wall because of your rage and got reprimanded by it by your teacher.

In time, you started noticing this things and that people don’t like you for these flaws. You strive to change and you did but one thing happened: once you committed these mistakes again, you started beating yourself up.

I want to give an advice but I don’t want to sound hypocritical. Up to this day, when I do a mistake, even if it’s just a minor one, I beat myself up.

I always think that I’m not good enough and I keep failing at things. I fear that people will hate me when I start failing, making mistakes. I constantly felt afraid of what will happen if I do something wrong.

That’s when I started doubting myself, not trusting in neither my strength nor my talents.

So you might ask, who the hell am I to tell you an advice?

I’m a person who also needs this advice. I’m a person who needs to be constantly reminded of this. I always struggle to keep this in my head so this letter is also a way of helping me.

As cliche as it may seem (even though you don’t know what cliche means, just search it up), you’re human. We’re not perfect. This is basic knowledge, I know, but sometimes, we always try to solve something with something complicated that we tend to forget the fundamentals.

You should not beat yourself up when you do something wrong. It’s okay to make mistakes because you’re human. Maybe people will be annoyed with your mistake but deep down they know you made a mistake because you’re not perfect. You should remember that that you’re not perfect.

With mistakes, we learn to be better. With mistakes, we are reminded that we’re in the right path of things. We are reminded that we’re trying our very best in life. You see, mistakes are sort of a blessing in disguise.

Credits to the owner of the art. If anyone knows the artist, please let me know so we can credit him/her properly!