Transform ~ My First Post On The Artistics!

Hey everyone!!

Now, you might be wondering who this, if you know the team here on this blog. Don’t worry, I haven’t hacked into the blog and now hijacking it *evil laugh*, I’m actually a new member to this team.

So, hi everybody *waves*. My name is Bethany (but I also go by the name Beth) and I live in England. I’m 16 going on 17 (hey, Sound of Music reference) and I’ll be posting on this blog as well as my usual one here which is very exciting. Usually, I’m going to be posting more creative writing themed posts but as it’s my first, I thought it would be better to introduce myself so you’re not confused as to what is going on.

The theme for this month is “transform” which is such an interesting topic. As, this is serving as an introduction post, I thought I’d discuss what they word discuss means to me.

As I hear this word, probably the first thing that comes to mind is it relating to my acting. Although I’m very quiet and shy, I love to act. Of course, acting means that I have to transform into different characters that are very often different from my normal personality. For instance, in my devising performance for my GCSE Drama exam, I had to play the role of a bully, one who was making fun of someone for reading. If you know me, even a little bit, you will know that this is very different from my usual personality, especially being someone who loves books. I tell you, it was a hard roll to play and my friends bring it up a lot, saying that they shouldn’t get on the wrong side of me.

I think over time, personality transforms in a sense. A lot of people who I’m friends with, say that I’m like a completely different person to who I was five years ago. Travelling back in time five years ago, *plays that magical music which is used when we get a flashback in a movie or TV show*  I was suffering with really bad anxiety. I had been bullied the year before by my best friend at the time. I wouldn’t talk to anyone, preferring to keep to myself. It got to the stage that I refused to go to school and would often throw up due to my anxiety. Fast forward to today, I have managed to work on my anxiety massively. Yes, my anxiety really does have good days and bad days but that’s still such a huge achievement. I enjoy going into school and have a really amazing group of friends. So you see, I’ve transformed as a person too.

Anyway, that’s going to end this post. I hope you enjoyed it and look forward to my future posts on this amazing blog.

Bethany x


I’m Going Through Changes.

It’s evident you read the title, whether that be from scrolling through the reader or stumbling across this site.

And no, this isn’t about my story of that god forsaken time in life called puberty. This isn’t some horror story post. But I am going through changes.


This month’s theme on The Artistics is ‘Transformation’. The first thing I thought of was Harry Potter or any magical shapeshifting morphing crazy juju business. That was followed by thoughts of Big Mouth. Again, this post isn’t about puberty. I then considered writing a snappy short story or some form of creative writing. And then it sprung to mind, recently, that I was in fact going through transformation. Technically, we all are. At every second of the day.


However, the transformation I’m talking about is the my mindset and my life and my responsibilities.

I am currently 17 and soon to be 18. That scares me. It scares me because the moment I turn 18, there will already be responsibilities and expectations flung my way. And it means that I only have about seven months left of secondary school. Ever.

I’m really going to miss it.


You always hear kids complaining about school and beaming at the thought of one day leaving the place. I’m not going to lie, I used to be like that but now that I am one academic year from finishing it and heading to University instead, I really am going to miss it.

Everything will change.

I will no longer be able to walk through campus and wave and smile at people, I barely know, on my way to class. I will no longer be able to sing with my friends like crazy people, at lunch, to the songs blasting out the speaker on the field. I’ll no longer be able to play basketball in the playground behind the school with all the other weirdos that go there at lunch. I’ll no longer be able to see my old teachers and chat with them casually. Or chat with old classmates from my old form. Or trash talk about the druggies with friends. Or avoid the caretaker when we forget our lanyards. Or stroke the black cat that’s always by the stairs up to the canteen.

It was like my second home. I entered it before I was even a teenager and I’ll leave after I turn an ‘adult’. I grew up with people over seven years. That’s seven years worth of friends and memories.


But I will be able to do other things. A lot of new things. And that’s scary (and exciting) but it’s going to happen. I’ll attend Uni lectures and do research projects and travel abroad by myself and move away from family and go out with my friends without my parents constantly asking about my whereabouts and have a job and manage my own money. And the worse one: call up and make my own appointments.

It’s a matter of preparing for what is to come rather than dreading it because change happens, whether you like it or not.


That change could be moving house, your bodies shifting, relationships, moods, transitioning to a new level of education, freaking Brexit. It’s going to happen. It has to happen; you can’t stay frozen in time forever.


Transformation is difficult and scary but it will happen in everyone’s lives. Change is inevitable but it’s your choice to grow from it.

Don’t let it be a burden on your life and look on the bright side.



July // Alice In Wonderland

Hello there!


Our theme for this month is Transformation. The theme came to me just this week when I looked back at my first week of school.

I’m at 11th year now and it’s just the 4th week of the school (but man, the teachers are already giving us projects and quizzes!) It’s been a blast to be honest. My new classmates are all so friendly and fun to be with. I’ve been mostly productive at school (can’t say the same when I need to my schoolworks at home).

It’s very easy for me to reflect and this is one of those moments I’m currently reflecting. Comparing myself when I am right now and myself when I was probably Grade 7, I have grown so much.

Back then, I look like a toddler who somehow is a highschooler. I was so small and I have no idea of what I’m doing. I’m just going with the flow. I just do this, and then that, and then those. I have no definitive lifestyle at all.

Now, I think that my life is organized but not completely. I still have many thing that I’m trying to figure out and questions that needs an answer but I have a lifestyle that is good for me. I surround myself with people that I love (aka friends). I try to find happiness and motivation everywhere. I’m doing what I love and have found a career path that I want to take.

With those comparison, I can say that I grown so much and that is transformation for me: personal growth.

Let’s take into example the famous Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. The book deals with Alice exploring the trippy or psychedelic world of Wonderland. The book explores the metaphor for growing up when she learns to cope and adapt around the bizarre world she’s in.

Wonderland, for me, is a clear metaphor for life and I am Alice, venturing and experiencing new experiences in Wonderland.

It’s probably why I love Alice in Wonderland, not because of its bizarre plots and characters but because I relate to Alice so much. At first, she doesn’t know where she’s in or what’s happening then she meets new people, ranging from good to bad. She gains happy memories but at the same, problems and obstacles.

Alice in Wonderland was a clear manifestation of how my life was and how my life is. I still don’t have everything figured out. I’m still Alice trying to make sense of Wonderland and that’s okay. We all just need to transform.

If You Call Yourself a Writer. (or a Painter, or Any Kind of Creative Artist.)

Maybe it took you a long time to start putting a name to your talent, to start identifying yourself by your creative talent itself. Or maybe you just always knew. Maybe it didn’t take you any time at all to call yourself a writer, a photographer, an artist, or maybe, like me, you still feel something catch in your throat when you’re trying to introduce yourself as a writer, because ohmygod, aren’t writers people like J.K. Rowling or Stephen King with world famed books and countless accolades; people who write poetry too, like Noor Shirazie, like Wordsworth, like all those amazing people you follow on your social media? Who’s little old you in front of such giants?
Those giants didn’t start out like that. They had to struggle with everything you are going through right now. They had to pass through their own insecurities, their fears of being not good enough, through countless creative blocks to get to where they are now. And that’s all you have to do too.
So maybe you’re struggling like I am too. Maybe you are suffering from the worst creative block in the history of creative blocks, maybe you have no inspiration in your life right now. Well, I’m here to tell you, my friend, inspiration is a fickle lover, and so is creativity. Sometimes one will stay, while the other leaves, and some frustrating times, both of them will leave together, and they just won’t seem to come back.

I promise you, they will.

But you can’t, and you won’t spend your life and your time just waiting for them, no. If you can’t find your own creativity, drown yourself in others’. Read books, every book you can find. Watch the movies you’ve always wanted to, watch a movie in a different language; watch an unheard-of movie; rewatch your childhood favorites. Listen to all the music you can- go discover a new forever song on your favorite hidden side of YouTube. Go to museums and go to places that sell paintings and stare at them. Act like you know what you’re talking about when you casually comment on that brushstroke, or that lovely shade of blue to the stranger next to you. Plant new flowers in your old garden, both literally and figuratively. Inspiration will bloom, and soon creativity will poke it’s head through the fresh soil too. Above all, don’t be afraid to just write, just paint, just dance, just do whatever it is you feel like you can’t. Who cares if it isn’t good enough? You write for yourself before anything else. Write whatever you can, write letters to your family, to your ex lovers, to your current best friends and to strangers you once thought were family. Pour your heart out on paper regardless of whether it rhymes or makes sense. Burn them when you’re done. Or keep them.

Just keep writing.