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The Artistics has been here in the blogosphere for over a year now. During that course, we’ve lost some members due to their hectic schedules and other businesses such as their blog. We’ve also made changes to the magazine and currently preparing some now and in order to pursue these plans that we have for the blog, we need more manpower which means NEW MEMBERS!

We’ve been planning to do a member search for a long time, me especially, and now here we are!

We’re looking for bloggers who’s ready to express their creativity and to be an active member of The Artistics!


1. You must be following this blog.

2. Email us with your blogger name (it’s okay if it’s a pen name), your blog link and your chosen topic (writing, photography, graphic design). If you want, describe yourself and your blog

3. Explain in the email why you want to be part of The Artistics and why we should choose you.

4. If you chose writing as your topic, write an article about expressing creativity, minimum of 350 word and no maximum words. Save it as a docx. file and attach it to the email.

5. If you chose photography or graphic design, attach 5 photographs showing of your skills (photography) or attach one of your graphic designs (either typography or digital drawing)

But why should you join  The Artistics? The obvious answer is that we need more members to establish the plans we got for the reader and blog/magazine itself but the real reason is that so you can help us pursue our goal to inspire others to show their creativity. We want others to not be shy and doubtful about their creative expertise and let it show! Another reason is that being part of a group of blogger working towards a common goal is so fun. I’ve interacted with the team and they are fun and also insightful.

Email us at artisticsteam[at]gmail[dot]com (we had problems with our previous email). The member search is open until June 15! If you want to join, make sure to email us with those requirements 🙂


EDIT: This member search is closed!



I receive days ago that The Artistics had received 200 followers! That’s amazing!

Thank you so so much for following The Artistics. For the old followers, thank you for sticking with us up until here and for the new ones, welcome and I hope you like our blog/online magazine.

We know that followers aren’t important but this is a milestone to be celebrated. For me (Jerrod), the administrator of the whole Artistics, I want to thank every single one of you not because of the follow but because of the support you’re giving us and it means a lot, especially to me!

One thing about is that I’m very covered in self-doubt. I always doubt myself, especially about this online mag. I want Artistics to last longer and to provide more entertainment to all but every time I think about that, there’s always a side of me neglecting all that positive thoughts because I’m doubting myself. “Can I even do this?”, “Can I even manage everything?”, “What if people don’t actually enjoy this stuff I’m bringing up?”, these are some thoughts I always think but now I see all the support that you’re giving me and it erases all my doubts. With you all, you make us, especially me, to aspire more! Thank you so much.

Special shoutout to the staff who supported me and have been on my side on day 1 and now here, thank you so much. You’re a very special part of The Artistics and without you, this won’t happen.

thank you

On the other hand, though, if you don’t know, we (The Artistics) are looking for bloggers who want to be part of The Artistics. If you want to be part of our staff and let out your creativity, make sure to click HERE to check out the details (there are steps but don’t worry at all, they’re not hard!). Your entries will be all checked so this is a fair search 🙂

The Diversity Amongst Bloggers

Hello, Everyone!


We’re finally back with a full schedule, a plan for a new magazine, and everyone on board! It feels great for everything to be up and running again!

This month’s theme is ‘Diversity’ and so I thought long and hard about something to write about. I settled upon The Diversity Amongst Bloggers. It is something I never really noticed and appreciated before, but now, as I have mulled over it, I really how diverse the blogosphere really is. I also took my time to think about how I’ve never seen discrimination towards POC, women, minorities, religious people etc… I find this amazing considering the state the world is in right now.

I know so many Muslim bloggers and many people are also people of colour. I’ve never been called upon for coming from a different religion and culture. In fact, so many people are so accepting and sweet and to be perfectly honest, no-one cares about the colour of your skin. In blogging, it matters about your writing and personality – and I love that. You can be who you really are on WordPress- without getting hate.

Maybe people do get hate, but I’ve seen so little in the WP community. I hope it stays this way for a really long time, perhaps, forever. Because bloggers are so incredibly sweet, that it’s impossible to believe the bad out there.

Blogging is so diverse and everyone is accepted. You can be a teenager, an adult, an Athiest, a girl with long hair, a screaming fan. You can be yourself and no-one will judge you for that. You can be confident and I will always admire that.




Beauty in Diversity

The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people. Diversity is a beautiful and inspiring thing. I made a collage using pictures that portray diversity in race, gender and religion to show the beauty of it. Strength lies in differences; not in similarities – Stephen Covey